Top 10 Winter Fun

Sunday, February 11, 2018 - 3:17am

Winters are beautiful and full of fun things to do in Cambria County!




Top 10 Winter Fun (in no particular order)

1. Cross County Skiing the Ghost Town Trail, recently named the PA State Trail of the Year by DCNR

2. View beautiful winter scenes during a ride on the Johnstown Inclined Plane

3. Snowmobile riding at Prince Gallitzin State Park

4. Museum-hopping at the Johnstown Flood Museum, Heritage Discovery Center and Johnstown Flood National

5. Check out Cambria City! Catch some live music at VOMA, do a wine tasting at B&L Wine Cellars, buy some local artisan gifts at Bottleworks, warm your tummy with a Chicken Ball from the Phoenix Tavern

6. Ice fishing at Glendale Lake

7. Grab a delicious hot chocolate at Flood City Cafe

8. Listen to the Johnstown Symphony Orchestra perform

9. Cheer on the Johnstown Tomahawks

10. Hike Stackhouse Park