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The Alleghenies

For those who love the outdoors, there's a place just waiting to be explored. Where fishermen cast their lines in world-class waterways, kayakers and rafters run Class III and IV rapids, dayhikers and backpackers explore a maze of scenic trails, and cyclists find challenges at every turn. Its lakes are home to boaters who come for speed, sport and relaxation, its fields and woods the favored grounds of birdwatchers hoping to spot one of the more than 278 species that can be found here. Come, discover an amazing land of rich history, striking beauty and endless adventure.

The lands of The Alleghenies are home to some of the best fishing streams in the East, countless miles of hiking trails, rushing whitewater rivers, peaceful lakes, and the countryside Bicycling Magazine named one of the "five top bicycle areas in the nation." It's a place of quiet towns, picturesque covered bridges, and historic sites dating back to the time when these lands were the final frontier of America.

Discover the seven destination areas of The Alleghenies and enjoy a unique adventure in a remarkable place.

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