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Wineries & Breweries

Visit Johnstown Pa B&L Wine Cellars
B&L Wine Cellars

B&L started as a dream of two different home wine makers. The dream became a reality when Chip and Susan Brill met Rich and Toni Lamm at a wine tasting at the Holiday Inn. The two couples learned that they had a lot in common and they set out on a journey. This journey lead to the creation of B & L Wine Cellars. The winery keeps its local heritage in tact. This is shown by the affiation of Cambria City, featured on two of their wines, "Cambria City Red" and "Stone Bridge Red." The winery often partners with local businesses to bring the wines to different parts of Johnstown.

Visit Johnstown Pa Sandyvale Wine Fest
Sandyvale Wine Fest

Sandyvale Wine Experience has quickly become the area’s premier wine event.  Enjoy two unique wine events in one weekend! Kick it all off on Friday, the first Friday after Labor Day, with the Sandyvale Wine Dinner. This limited seating dinner will pair wines from around the world with great food.  The Sandyvale Wine Festival is on Saturday, the first Saturday after Labor Day, at Sandyvale Memorial Gardens.  Enjoy 16 of the best wineries in Pennsylvania, grab a bite from gourmet food vendors and shop at over 26 of the most unique vendors around. A low-cost admission enables wine lovers to delight in a unique wine experience, live entertainment, prizes and much more.

Visit Johnstown Pa Coal Country Brewing
Coal Country Brewing

Family owned and operated brewery dedicated to providing quality beer and honoring the heritage of the region, with brews like Jaggerbush and Pick and Shovel. Rotating root beer flavors include traditional, Birch Beer, and Sarsaparilla! Many of their ingredients are bought from local farmers and used to create the greatest invention of mankind: beer. Tasting bar and table seating. Watch beer being brewed on site.

Visit Johnstown Pa Germantown Winery
Germantown Winery

A quaint winery with German roots, the Mainline’s winery. We offer a variety of white, red and grape wines – a taste for every palate. Germantown has numerous events throughout the year and has space to rent for showers, parties, class reunions, etc.

Visit Johnstown PA Stone Bridge Brewing Company
Stone Bridge Brewing Company

Brewery in downtown Johnstown. Featuring a fun, industrial atmosphere. With a rotating selection of craft beers and new food specials every week, Stone Bridge Brewing will have you coming back again and again.