Lakebed Rehabilitation Public Meeting

Wednesday, December 11, 2019 - 6:00pm

The Johnstown Flood National Memorial will hold a public meeting regarding the Lakebed Rehabilitation project slated to begin in early 2020 and continue throughout the year. The goal of the project is to restore areas of the lakebed to what it looked like shortly after the flood and thereby enhancing visitor experience at the memorial. Various methods for tree and woody shrub removal will be used including manual removal, mechanical removal, herbicides and prescribed fire. Special care will be taken to protect wetland areas and the stream in the lakebed. The secondary goal of the project is to have areas outside of the wetlands and stream flourish with low lying vegetation and native grass and plants that can be maintained by the National Park Service. Rehabilitation was done in the lakebed in the 1980s, but the vegetation has since grown back. Park representatives and other subject matter experts will be on hand at the meeting to discuss this project and answer any questions or concerns from attendees.

Johnstown Flood National Memorial
733 Lake Road
South Fork, PA 15956
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Johnstown Flood National Memorial
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