Fall Trails You'll Love!

October 6, 2020 - 2:12pm -- Visit Johnstown

1. Glendale Lake Point Trail

Patton, PA
Walk or hike - 3-mile loop - easy/moderate
Glendale Lake Point Trail offers hikers a beautiful view of Glendale Lake, especially during peak fall foliage! This trail is rated easy to moderate because parts of the trail are on uneven ground and it also includes a few inclines. About a mile of the trail will take you right along the lake; this is the most ideal spot for a photo op! The trail is dog-friendly, but all dogs must be kept on a leash. While you are in the area, make sure to check out some of the other Prince Gallitzin State Park trails. All of these trails are considered easy, so you may even be able to hike a few of them in one day!

2. Jim Mayer Riverswalk Trail

Johnstown, PA
Walk or bike - 3.1 mile point-to-point - easy
Trailheads: Riverside 40.282341,-78.916132, Bridge Street 40.293538, -78.918240, Sandyvale 40.314079, -78.913169 
The Jim Mayer Riverswalk Trail is an urban trail that follows the Stonycreek River from Riverside to Sandyvale Memorial Gardens and Conservancy. If you are looking for a flat trail to either walk or bike, this is the one for you. You will travel along the river, next to an industrial complex and beside the 50-foot Buttermilk Falls. The falls are located towards the Riverside end of the trail. Due to the urban setting of this trail, there are a few pedestrian crossings that allow you to safely access the entire trail. There are also parking areas near by these crossings that will allow you to explore the trail one section at a time, if you chose. This is a dog-friendly trail that your four-footed friend will love! Beginning or ending your journey at Sandyvale will give you the opportunity to see over 200 years of history. Sandyvale has a beautiful memorial garden to pay tribute to young heroes of the American Revolution and Civil War. We also encourage you to visit the dog park at Sandyvale and let your dog roam throughout the fenced-in area. 

3. Lorain/Stonycreek Trails

Johnstown, PA
Hike - 6 trails - ranging from easy to difficult
Green Valley Street Trailheads: 40.293248, -78.896510
If you love to hike, we highly recommend checking out the Lorain/Stonycreek Trails that are tucked away in the suburban hillside! The park features several different trails that range from a simple loop to a challenging hike. The Map of the Earth, a 4.8-miler, is for avid hikers; proper hiking attire, trekking poles, and plenty of water are recommended. This trail will take you past a scenic overlook, beside a mini falls, and over some boulders. For those seeking an easier trail with a beautiful view, we encourage you to check out the Pathway to the Falls. This is a 2.2-mile, out-and-back trail that features the amazing Turtle Falls. Check out the trail map to see which trail best suits you!

4. Stackhouse Park

Johnstown, PA
Walk, hike, or bike (bikes are only allowed on roadway) – several trails within park - moderate
Trailheads: Luzerne Street 40.316706, -78.940767, Norton Steet (West End) 40.332543, -78.942376
Stackhouse Park is located in Westmont, a suburb of Johnstown that has over 270 acres of wildlife-filled woodlands. There are several trails in the park that take you past calm streams and cascading springs. The main entrance is located off of the historic Luzerne St. in Westmont and from there you will travel down into the park. The main trail, an out-and-back route, descends towards the West End entrance of the park; keep in mind, you will have an uphill climb on your way out! There are a few pavilions and picnic benches along the way for you to stop and enjoy the fall scenery while you snack. You can even hop off the trail in Westmont and venture to the Inclined Plane for an overlook of the city.

5. Ghost Town Trail

Ebensburg to Blacklick, PA
Walk or bike - 32-mile main trail - point-to-point - easy
Trailheads: Ebensburg 40.48398, -78.7167Dilltown 40.469002, -79.000091Blacklick 40.47413,-79.192096   
Named the 2020 Pennsylvania Trail of the Year, the Ghost Town Trail is what every fall lover is searching for! The main 32-mile trail will take you from Ebensburg to Blacklick while following along Blacklick Creek. This point-to-point trail has a gradual grade that features several exquisite bridges and many other historic, industrial structures. There are a total of 8 trailheads which you can view here and conquer this trail, in sections, over time. GTT also includes a 12-mile C&I extension from Vintondale to North St. in Cardiff. If you begin your journey in Dilltown, be sure to stop by the Dillweed Bed & Breakfast Trailside Shop. The shop includes snacks, gourmet food items, giftware and so much more! The Dillweed Bed & Breakfast is also perfect location for an overnight stay. To learn more about the history of GTT, please watch our Hit the Trails YouTube video.

6. Staple Bend Tunnel Trail

Mineral Point, PA
Walk or bike - 4 miles out-and-back - easy
Trailhead: Beech Hill Road 40.376416, -78.835169
Handicapped accessible
The Staple Bend Tunnel Trail is perfect for those who are interested in admiring the rich history of the trail while leisurely walking or biking. Staple Bend Tunnel, the highlight of the trail, was constructed in 1833 making it the first railroad tunnel in the United States! You can walk through the 900-foot tunnel to get an up-close view of its construction; it is highly recommended that bicyclists have a light or dismount from their bikes to go through because there is very little light. A wonderful benefit of the trail is that it is handicapped accessible and stroller friendly! The trail connects to the Path of the Flood Trail which you can read about below.

7. Path of the Flood Trail

South Fork, PA
Bike – 11 miles - point-to-point - moderate/hard
Trailheads: Mount Carmel Street 40.370645, -78.778284Staple Bend Tunnel Trail 40.376416, -78.835169, Franklin Park 40.350076,-78.877214  Johnstown Flood Museum 40.327961, -78.920530
The Path of the Flood Trail will take you along the watercourse of the devastating 1889 flood from the South Fork Dam to downtown Johnstown. This trail is ideal for bicyclists looking for a challenging fall ride. Along the path, there are several educational trailside markers and scenic views to enjoy. This trail is significantly more challenging than the Staple Bend Tunnel due to the steeper grades, distance, and varying trail surfaces. The final three miles of the path takes you along city streets leading you to the Johnstown Flood Museum. You can also begin your journey at the Johnstown Flood Museum and explore the downtown area on foot as well. Please follow the links to view the operating hours of the Johnstown Flood National Memorial and the Johnstown Flood Museum.
-Written by Lindsay Arcuri-