Copernicus Day

Saturday, February 18, 2017 - 11:30am to 11:00pm

It's a birthday party for Nicolaus Copernicus!

Celebrate in true Polish style with kielbasa, perogies, and other Polish staples prepared with a Boulevard Grill twist. We will also have Luksusowa vodka and bottles of Okocim beer.

Na zdrowie!

In honor of his hero's birthday celebration, Don Kasprzyk will be flying in his cousins (haha) from the group Sklep Pociąg 6 (Train Shop 6) to entertain from 7-11 with a special guest performance by Jacob Czerak on accordion; enjoy a wide variety of music including polkas with a twist-ski! 2017 Copernicus Day tee-shirts will be available for $8 at the beginning of February. Plenty of Polish bliss to try! Polish Platter: $13 - Kotlet Schabowy (Polish Breaded Pork Cutlet) - Pierogi with sliced kielbasa - Czerwona Kapusta Zasmazana (Polish Braised Red Cabbage) Rosol (Chicken broth with Kluski Noodles) Cup $2 Bowl $3 Bottles of Zwiec beer (12 oz.): $3.75 Pompanski: $4.25 - Luksusowa vodka, dry vermouth, splash of triple sec and grapefruit juice Polish Professor: $4.25 - Luksusowa vodka, pineapple juice and a splash of Sierra Mist Luksusowa vodka - Per shot or as a mixer: $3.75 - As a mixer with juice: $4.25

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