The Making of Our Maestro: An Exclusive Online Series

Thursday, January 14, 2021 - 7:30pm

Episode 3: “How does it go?” Bringing music to life, from dots on a page to sound in the world

Some people read before bed. Maestro Blachly takes a score with him to read while on a walk, on the train, at the gym, and even to bed. How does a conductor read a full score, with up to 33 different lines of music all happening at the same time? And how does one then interpret that music, to develop a sense of conviction about how the music should sound?  In the second half of the program, Maestro Blachly will speak about the art of rehearsing and preparing for a performance, possibly the most complex of a conductor’s roles. How does a professional orchestra prepare complex music in a limited amount of time? How does a conductor work efficiently to prepare, while shaping a shared interpretation? 

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Johnstown Symphony Orchestra
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