Visit Johnstown PA Coal Mining

Coal Mining

Black Gold: The Area's Coal Kingdom

Windber is at the heart of a vast coal mining complex developed by the Berwind-White Coal Mining Company. This “model town” attracted immigrant laborers from Eastern and Southern Europe, who made this one of the largest coal producing regions in the nation. Windber was also a site of labor strife that ultimately led to improved wages and better working conditions.

Visit Johnstown PA The Portage Station Museum and Theatre
The Portage Station Museum and Theatre

See the award-winning video about the 1940 Sonman Mine Disaster

Located in the 1926 original (restored) railroad depot building in Portage. Extraordinary displays of area history and culture formed through the influences of coal mining, railroads, steel, forests, water, and recreation. Pennsylvania Railroad artifacts, exhibits, train viewing, and the video 63 Men Down.

Visit Johnstown PA Miners Memorial Museum
Miners Memorial Museum

While visiting the Johnstown Flood Memorial, stop by for a glimpse of the region’s coal mining heritage. The 1889 Park hosts vintage coal hauling cars, and a museum with various displays for visitors. There is also a memorial tree park dedicated to local coal miners and their families. Located along Lake Road. Open seasonally.