• Covid - 19 Resources

    Keep up-to-date with current guidelines and travel restrictions in our service area, and across Pennsylvania!

  • Johnstown Flood National Memorial

    Discover the history behind the tragedy. In 1889, rising water breached the South Fork Dam, sending twenty million tons of water roaring through the Conemaugh Valley. The wall of water destroyed everything in its path. 

    Picture: An actual size “debris wall” which dramatically illustrates the flood wave that devastated Johnstown.

  • Springtime Trails for Hiking and Biking

    Cambria County is home to countless trails and bikeable neighborhoods. Plan your springtime trek with us!

  • Cambria County Bucket List 2.0

    Get out and explore Cambria County! Are you feeling stuck in a rut with Covid-19 impacting your travel and entertainment? Challenge yourself to compete the Cambria County Bucket List 2.0. You will experience a variety of unique and awesome opportunities all in your own back yard. By completing the bucket list you will have fun with your family all while staying local and supporting local businesses.

  • Unique Lodging Experiences

    Stay at one of our premier full service hotels or enjoy a unique experience at an area bed and breakfast