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Cambria County offers varied fishing opportunities with 15 stocked trout streams and three stocked lakes. Chest Creek features a delayed harvest, artificial lures only section. Glendale Lake is known for bass, muskellunge, and panfish, especially spring crappies. Lake Rowena, Wilmore and Hinckston Run reservoirs, and Duman Dam offer additional fishing opportunities.


The greater Johnstown area offers diverse and rewarding stream fishing opportunities for both fly fishing enthusiasts and bait fishermen. The county is rich with an array of pristine streams and rivers, providing anglers with a chance to connect with nature while pursuing their passion. Fly fishing in Cambria County is especially popular, thanks to the wealth of trout waters. Cambria county boasts numerous Class A wild trout streams, where anglers can test their skills against the elusive and beautiful native trout. The cool, clear waters of streams like the Little Conemaugh River and Chest Creek offer an ideal habitat for various trout species, including brook, brown, and rainbow trout.

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