Johnstown Murals

Johnstown Murals

Johnstown, PA is slowly solidifying its place as a hub for the arts and expression. Many local facades, walls, and more have been and are being coated in a variety of colorful designs. From the comic book art stylings of MARVEL artist, and Johnstown native, Steve Ditko to the serene flowers adorning the front of Cambria City Flowers, this guide will help art lovers find them all!

1. Spider-Man and Doctor Strange - Steve Ditko Mural

This mural stands tall as a commemoration of Steve Ditko's work in the world of Marvel Comics. The design and execution of the mural were brought to fruition by Matthew Lamb and The Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center. The mural itself is located on the side of Stone Bridge Brewing Company.

2. Made in Johnstown Building Mural

The building sporting this mural, on Gazebo Park, is coursing with new life and opportunity. The mural tagline "Made in Johnstown" isn't just for show; the building's upstairs area has been renovated into a maker's space for local artisans. Take a quick picture in front of the mural be sure to stop in to The Write Cup Coffee Shop!

Photo provided by Denise Urban
3. Johnstown/Beginnings Mural

Located a short distance away from Central Park, this mural highlights all things Johnstown and was designed/painted by Greater Johnstown Highschool Students. There is a mural directly next to this one that was painted for Beginnings, Inc. a downtown Johnstown business.

4. Cambria County Library

Calling all book lovers! The Cambria County Library features a vibrant mural that spans across the Main and Walnut sides of their building. The mural features 35 books that represent a broad range of ages, genres, and authors.

A few of the books are: To Kill a Mockingbird, Fahrenheit 451, The Catcher in the Rye, The Color Purple, Charlotte’s Web, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Shining, The Lord of the Rings, Don Quixote, Birds of Pennsylvania Field Guide, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Six of Crows, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, A Wrinkle in Time, Winnie-the-Pooh, and The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

5. Main Street Murals

Johnstown's Main Street has become a canvas for public art. Many local businesses are beautifying their facades with intricately designed murals that make Main Street pop!

6. Underpass Murals

These murals are located underneath the Johnstown Expressway underpass and were painted by a variety of artists, most of which were students from the local area. Each one tells its own story!

7. I Heart Johnstown Mural

In 2017, Stacie Krupa was commissioned to create a mural highlighting Johnstown and UPJ (The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown) celebrating the history and the story of the local area and the university. The mural overlooks the river and can be viewed best from the Edward A. Silk Memorial Bridge on Napolean Street downtown. It's a great place for a photo op!

8. War Memorial Veterans Mural

The sole purpose of this mural is to honor those who sacrificed everything to protect The United States of America.

9. Conrad Wholesale Mural

This mural really brightens up the rear side of Conrad Wholesale, and features a punk-style design with some rural elements as well!

10. Kuhns & Young Cat Mural

No one knows why this mural is here, but it's a really cool piece and a necessary addition to this list!

11. Steve Ditko Mural - Cambria City

This second Ditko-themed mural features some of Ditko's more original works and is located on the back wall of the Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center in Cambria City! Designed by Javier Hernandez, the mural features characters such as Mr. A, Iron Man, and more! 

12. Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center

This tulip-filled mosaic mural covers the front of the Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center, the location responsible for many of the murals on this list! This mosaic features hidden ladybugs and other cool things, so be sure to give it a closer look.

13. Painted Barriers

Lining the side of Roosevelt Boulevard in Cambria City, these painted Jersey barriers each offer a different artistic spectacle ranging from local history to unique designs. Be careful if walking to see these murals as portions are along a main road!

14. Cambria City Flowers

Cambria City Flowers is a gorgeous little store with flowers all over the outside walls. The store is a great place to grab a bouquet or a gift as well. Explore some of their other shops like Amerigo's Fine Grocery, Alchemie - The Magic of Mixing and Mingling, and Brigid's Cross!