Are you “inclined  to cache” or ready to “take a hike?” Visit Johnstown’s two GeoTrails will take you on adventures to unique locations throughout Cambria County. “Inclined to Cache” was created to highlight the history of the local community while “Take A Hike” is a tribute to our local trails. Geocachers who find the designated number of geocaches on each trail will receive a custom Geocoin! Each coin is custom made with a limited quantity available. Images of popular landmarks, such as the Inclined Plane and Eliza Furnace, are depicted on the coins. We hope that the GeoTrails provide you with the ultimate caching experience. Happy caching! Passports available at  Visit Johnstown at 416 Main Street, Suite 202, Johnstown, PAor by calling 1-800-237-8590

GeoTrail Interactive Map