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George’s Song Shop – America’s Oldest Record Store

George's Song Shop - America's Oldest Record Store

If you take a walk down Market Street in downtown Johnstown, there are always a few things that will catch your eye. Morley’s dog standing proudly on the corner, Johnstown’s City Hall with its towering high water markings, or another equally as fascinating piece of history. A shop nestled just down the street with an awning that reads “George’s Song Shop, America’s Oldest Record Store”.

George’s Song Shop Opened its doors in 1932 in the Glosser Bro’s Department building and after a few years of changing locations, eventually landed on Market Street in 1977. As soon as you enter the front door, you’re immediately greeted by floor-to-ceiling shelves of records, and rows of displays featuring a wide variety of music.

The store boasts carrying over 1,000,000 45’s at all times along with over 75,000 LP’s, and over 20,000 CD’s, which lends to their tagline: “If we don’t have it, nobody does”.

The store is currently owned and operated by John George, who has been working at the store since 1962!

George’s Song Shop is a music/record lover’s dream location, and a must-stop while you’re visiting, for the history alone!

128 Market St., Johnstown, PA 15901

Monday – Saturday – 10 AM – 4 PM

Phone Number:
814 539-4884


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