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Brigid’s Cross and Amerigo’s Fine Grocery – Cambria City

Brigid’s Cross and Amerigo’s Fine Grocery – Cambria City

Brigid's Cross - Religious and Spiritual Treasures

Cambria City is a section of Johnstown rich in culture and history alike. When you travel down the side streets, you’re often greeted with reminders of the past, through the various churches, and visions of the future residing in the various murals and art installations. Two businesses along Chestnut Street are staying true to this cultural history, and want to see Cambria City thrive.

Brigid’s Cross is a charming little corner store that offers religious and spiritual goods representing many faiths and practices. The boutique is located at 314 6th Avenue in the Cambria City Historic District just outside of downtown Johnstown, and is within walking distance of several other Cambria City businesses and attractions. Throughout the store, you’ll find a variety of items, from the traditional to the modern. Ancient practices find relevance today through every carefully selected piece of merchandise. Brigid’s also offers a selection of healing and spiritually focused herbs and teas. According to their website, “Many of their physical items are one-of-a-kind and speak to the soul that they are meant to be with. They are treasures made with love and goodwill.”

Brigid’s Cross also boasts a selection of spiritually based learning opportunities. Through book clubs, rosary and mandala making classes, and workshops focused on world religions and interfaith understanding, they bring awareness and education to all who wish to learn and grow in the knowledge of others and themselves.

Utilizing their other nearby properties such as the Shrine and Garden of Our Lady of Mariapocs and the Casimir Cultural Center, Brigid’s Cross offers various reflection, meditation, and retreat sessions for you to partake in. These sessions blend various practices and traditions while offering those who attend the opportunity to have a spiritual and cultural experience.

Amerigo’s – Fine Grocery, Produce, and Wares

Amerigo’s is temporarily located within the Sitara Art Gallery and Studios connected to Cambria City Flowers at 512 Chestnut St. The store offers a variety of fine Italian grocery items such as artisan breads, biscotti, pizzelles, pasta and pasta sauce, and much more. On Saturday mornings, patrons flock to this shop rooted in Italian tradition to make purchases from a selection of fresh bread and biscotti that arrives at the store at 9 AM. Unlike your traditional grocery store, Amerigo’s has that feeling of community, as repeat customers return weekly for their “usual”.

The story behind Amerigo’s is deeply rooted in the ancestry of Chad Pysher, Co-owner of Stella Property Development, the orginization which has been responsible for many of the new businesses taking root in Cambria City. “In 1912, my Great Grandfather and father of our company’s namesake, began selling produce and wares from a horse-drawn cart in his new home of Lilly, Pennsylvania. After marrying Maria Grazia (Mary Grace) Corvino in 1915, he opened his first storefront at 512 Cleveland Street where they began their family and…their family’s story. They lost the store after the Great Depression, but it left an indelible mark on their oldest daughters, Margaret, and Stella. Through the stories that they both shared over many years, I was always aware of their affection for the life he and my Great Grandmother wanted for them and their future generations by having a family business. These stories have been a constant source of pride and inspiration for me…and now are the foundation of the newest venture of our company.”

If you’re looking to sample some fine Italian grocery items, or just want to take a step back in time, Amerigo’s should definitely be on your itinerary.

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