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The Wine Loft – Johnstown’s Newest Wine Bar

The Wine Loft - Johnstown's Newest Wine Bar

The proprietors of Stone Bridge Brewing’s Tap Room and Craft Modern Kitchen have now expanded their business into the world of wine. The Wine Loft is a trendy new wine bar that recently opened above their existing restaurant locations. Once you travel off the sidewalk and up the flight of stairs up to the second floor you almost feel like you’re in a different world.

The decor and seating arrangements offer several options for drinking with a large group, a seat at the bar if you need some time to yourself, or a more laid-back, casual seating area in the corner for glass of wine with your friends. The Wine Loft is more than just a wine bar, however; they also boast a full menu featuring charcuterie boards, cheeses, and a selection of entrees to pair with the perfect glass of wine.

During my visit, I was lucky enough to get an inside tour of The Wine Loft’s very own “Wine Cellar”, which houses thousands of wines at a temperature controlled 61 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Wine Loft is located directly above Craft Modern Kitchen/Stone Bridge Brewing’s Tap Room at 104 Franklin St. Take the stairs to the right of the Tap Room and you’re there!

In addition to The Wine Loft, there are several other local establishments that you can visit: B & L Wine Cellars offers their own locally made wines right in Cambria City, Johnstown’s arts and cultural district. Every Friday they also have a live band, so you can sip your favorite wine and enjoy some good music.

Alchemie, The Magic of Mixing and Mingling, is another local establishment with a more arcane feeling. It’s the perfect place for a mixed drink featuring alcohol from Disobedient Spirits. They also offer a variety of different specials throughout the week. To truly experience what they have to offer you’ll have to go see for yourself.

Classic Elements is a giftshop, bookstore, cafe and winebar all mixed into one great location! Sit with friends and sip on a glass of wine while you do a puzzle, or grab a hot/iced mocha and grab a new book to read for the afternoon.

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