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The Ghost Town Trail – A Ghost Town No More!

The Ghost Town Trail - A Ghost Town No More!

Cambria County is a prime spot for hiking, biking, and walking trails. One of the best, and longest trails that passes through the Cambria County area is The Ghost Town Trail. In 2020, the trail was named Pennsylvania’s Trail of the Year, making it a must stop for anyone visiting!

The trail got its name from the long-gone coal-mining communities that once lined the right-of-way of the trail. Along with this, it also took the place of an old rail system as part of the ‘rails to trails’ initiative, and stretches to 46 miles in length! The trail is also constantly being maintained and expanded to tie in other recreation spots. Recently a spur was added to the trail that provides access to Duman Lake County Park. This extension also provides access to camping along the trail as well.

Along the trail you’ll find plenty of natural beauty, fascinating historical features, and abundant facts about the area, making this trail a recreation destination and a history lesson all in one. You’ll learn about the area’s rich coal mining and steel industries along acompanied by the hulking machines left behind by them. One of the towering landmarks along the trail is the Eliza Furnace which is a bit of architecture that stands the tests of time.

The Trail itself has numerous trailheads throughout the Cambria/Indiana County area and can be accessed in Ebensburg, Nanty Glo, Twin Rocks, Wehrum, Dilltown, Heshbon, and John P. Saylor Park. For more detailed information about the trail and where to access its many trailheads, you can visit:

For a visual history and information about the trail check out our video:

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