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The Portage Station Museum – Rich in History

Potage Station Museum Exhibits

Step into history at the Portage Station Museum. This attraction, located in Portage, PA, features two floors of historic railroading and coal mining artifacts/memorabilia.

The building that houses the museum was originally the main train station for Portage and the old ticket office, with all the original features, is available to explore on the first floor. The main area you enter at the museum is home to a period-accurate kitchen display, wall-to-wall memorabilia related to the mainline railroad, and of course items important to the history of Portage, PA. There is also a vast collection of lanterns that were used on the railroad in its prime.

On the back wall of the main room, you will notice a painting hanging prominently above the other museum pieces. This painting is one of the only visual representations of what the mainline railroad would have looked like, and the details for the painting were provided by someone who had been alive during that period!

The upstairs portion of the museum is home to a large model train layout of the Mainline Railway system, you can even make out the individual towns and landmarks that are present in real life! The 2nd floor also primarily highlights the coal industry, featuring a variety of related historic pieces.

There are also train tracks that run directly adjacent to the museum, with a viewing platform for those who wish to get the full train-lovers experience!

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